In-cider information for the perfect gift

In-cider information for the perfect gift

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Hunts is the perfect companion, But which one’s for you?!

Fancy an Andsome Bay to keep you company?

Medium Sweet sparkling Cider. Made using Bittersweet cider apples, to give a tannic, well balanced finish. Tis proper ‘andsome!



A sparkling, clear dry Cider. Packed full of tannins, this dry cider will leave you thirsty for more.


Celebrate in style… have a Wednesday Wobbler!

Our classic, traditional cider. A clear Medium Sweet still Cider. Tannins, sweetness and acidity all fight for space in this complex cider.


Spend the night on the Clinker…

A sparkling, sweet cider. Light and easy to drink, this cider is guaranteed to quench your thirst.


Add a hint of mischief to your evening!

Appley undertones mixed with real Blackcurrant, to give an easy drinking cider, with a hint of mischief.


Bring a fruity Red Head into your life.

Real Strawberries coupled with a great cider, give a sweet, clear & sparkling drink. Great for those long, hot Summer days.