Celebrate World Environment Day

Celebrate World Environment Day

It’s World Environment Day and here at Hunt’s Cider Farm our environment is more than just a unit sat on an urban industrial estate.

Hunt’s cider is all produced in an orchard, home to more than 200 trees, where our cider cellar sits, nestled into the bottom of a beautiful green slope, the top of which is the highest point in Torbay, boasting sights from Dartmoor to Dartmouth.

The farm is part of the conservation efforts in South Devon which recently saw the Cirl Bunting population plummet to the brink of distension. The RSPB are leading a reintroduction scheme aiming to increase the range and in turn sustainability of this extremely vulnerable species in the UK.

In the past 3 years alone we have planted 150 apple trees throughout our farm, a range of traditional Devon and Somerset bitter sweet and bitter sharp cider apples. These trees will help soak up the Carbon Dioxide in the air and release Oxygen into our environment. Furthermore, they help to cool our cities down, block us against traffic noise and light pollution.

As we are a 400 acre mixed farm we have the privilege of being able to use our orchards as pastures. Instead of spraying and using artificial fertilisers in the orchards we are able to turn our sheep flock onto the grounds to keep pastures down and naturally fertilise the land. They also act as a nursery for baby lambs to take shelter from the elements spring time can bring.

We are celebrating world environment day and doing our bit for our planet… are you? We’d love to hear how.