17 Days Of Cider

17 Days Of Cider

Christmas has come early for all you cider enthusiasts!

This month (Friday 7th – Sunday 23rd July), Wetherspoons will be running their annual 17-day craft cider festival which showcases an incredible selection of 20 different draught ciders, crafted by skilled cider-makers across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

The range will include many ciders that have not previously been available at Wetherspoons pubs, along with a selection of ciders that have been crafted exclusively for the festival. From a traditional apple cider, to rum & raisin flavoured cider, everyone is sure to find a tipple that leaves them thirsty for more!

A tasting notes leaflet will be available giving descriptions of all the ciders available at the Wetherspoons pubs, including our very own exclusive cider just for the festival, ‘The Artful Roger’. But here at Hunt’s Cider we want to share with you, not only our own exclusive cider, but two others on offer from Devon-based producers; after all you cannot beat real Devon cider!

First and foremost (of course!) we have our very own, ‘The Artful Roger’ (6% abv). Young Roger Hunt always knew the way to his father’s best barrels in the cellar, without being spotted. This dry, tannic cider (with a crafty side) was always a firm favourite. Packed full of Devon’s finest bittersweet apples, it serves up rich, intense flavours, leading to a satisfyingly dry finish.

Secondly, we have Kung-Fu cider (4.0% abv) from Sandford Orchards. This cider is inspired by Chinese fragrance and energy. Made with ginger, lychee, ginseng and pure tea – this is a unique, light, aromatic cider… with zing.

Lastly but by no means least we have Pear Mania (7.0% abv) from Cockeyed Cider Company. This is a crisp, medium-sweet apple-pear hybrid. By carefully blending a variety of fruits, a smooth and crisp cider has been crafted, with a full fruity aroma – which packs a mad punch.

Get sampling, and let us know which one your favourite is!