Hoddy-noddy Ham

Hoddy-noddy Ham

It’s British Food Fortnight and here at Hunt’s Cider we are celebrating all recipes appley! Thank you to Sima from the Kitchen Table, Totnes for this delicious Ham and Hunt’s Cider recipe.

Hoddy-noddy Ham

Hunt’s Cider and Marmalade Glazed Ham


– Joint of Ham

*both smoked and unsmoked ham work well

– 1 Litre of Hunt’s Wobbler Cider

– Juniper Berries

– Star Anise

– Bay Leaves

– Black Peppercorns

– Mustard Seeds


Firstly, weigh the ham. To calculate the boiling time for the ham, divide the weight of the ham (in grams) by 450 and times that by 20 and add 20… so 1kg ham = 1000 / 450 = 2.2 x 20 = 44 + 20 means your boiling time is 64 mins. Boil the ham in Hunt’s cider with juniper berries, star anise, bay leaves, black peppercorns and mustard seeds.

Remove the meat from the liquor and take off the fat and skin (be careful it will be hot). Rub the meat with homemade or bought marmalade and lay the fat back over and roast in a medium oven for 25 minutes. Allow to cool and slice.

Enjoy with delicious homemade chutney or mustard mayo!

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